The Iowa Poultry Association's mission is to actively raise confidence in the poultry community through leadership, support, advocacy and education. 

Iowa Poultry Association Emerging Leader Program Calls for Applications

Applicants need not be already be an established leader in the Iowa poultry industry. The Emerging Leaders Program is a way to help advance leadership skills and industry knowledge leading to increased contributions in your company, and potentially state, and national egg or poultry industry.

Applicants should be 21 years old as of the November 1, 2021 application deadline.

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Best New Iowa State Fair Food!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Cluck’n Coop’s “Chicken Egg Salad with Indian Fry Bread” as the top new Iowa State Fair Food! WE WON! 

The dish is a mash-up of chicken and egg salads, this protein-packed mixture includes celery, cranberries and toasted pecans and is served over warm fry bread or chips. It’s finished with a nice kick from a heap of cabbage slaw, bacon-tomato aioli, fresh cilantro and smoked paprika.

Biosecurity Page

Find out how to better 'Defend Your Flock' using the resources on our  Biosecurity Page!





Iowa Poultry Association (IPA) recognizes the impacts of COVID-19, and the impacts on businesses.

We remind all members that the office in Urbandale is asking all visitors to use masks if they are not fully vaccinated. You can still reach our staff via phone or email. If you'd like to reach a specific IPA staff member, please visit our contact us page online

IPA has created a COVID-19 page for your reference. It will be updated as necessary.

More information on COVID-19 is available on the CDC website at www.cdc.gov







Iowa’s egg and poultry farmers are committed to producing safe, high-quality, nutritious and affordable food products for human consumption throughout the country.

Economic Importance of the Iowa Egg Industry - Executive Summary from the Egg Industry Center


Farmers provide excellent care for their poultry, and practice the highest standard of farm management practices.


Farm families are dedicated to providing a safe, inexpensive and nutritious food supply. As well as, contributing to the Iowa economy and their local communities.



Thank you to everyone who joined us, either in person or virtually, for our 50th Fall Festival and Annual Meeting! 



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