Poultry PT (Pullorum Typhoid) Blood Testing School

Virtual Course Begins April 9, 2021 

The Iowa Poultry Association Poultry Blood Testing School will be held virtually beginning April 9, 2021. Registrants will be given access to watch a series of recorded presentations at their convenience and then take a 25 question exam to pass the course. Hands-on experience will be made available through partnering with existing testers in your area using this list

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The course is required once every five years to maintain certification. The fee is $15 for one year or $70 for five years. We also offer a testing kit for $30 that includes a bleeder/loop combo tool and plexiglass plate that you may customize for your testing needs. 

***You must be 18 years or older to complete the USDA 9-2 testing forms. Youth poultry enthusiasts are encouraged to take this course with an adult sponsor.

Please contact Elycia Ahl with any questions at (515) 727-4701 ext. 100 or via email at [email protected]